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the color of the sea of the archipelago la maddalena

Boat trips in the Archipelago La Maddalena Sardinia

Elena Tour Navigazioni organize excursions and boat tours around the isles of the Maddalena Archipelago in Sardinia.
Born in the 60’s thanks to Cesare Esposito, nicknamed "Cesarino" and his wife Elena well known all over the island for their historic excursions.
Nowadays both sons and grandchildren go on nurturing the profession handed down by its founder and the special idea of offering even entertainment, culture, history and nature, beyond tourism and relax.
Remaining faithful to all these values, the ancient art of navigation join the modernity of the two new boats "Elena D." and "Spiaggia Rosa".

Choose Elena Tour Navigazioni for your cruise

- Complete itineraries: all the isles, many stops, La Maddalena and Caprera!
- Big savings: All Inclusive Coupon and other reductions
- Dinner: pasta with seafood included in the price
- New boats: comfort and quality guaranteed by Rina (Italian Register of Navigation)
- Maximum Safety: descents right on the beaches, no rubber dinghy or rafts required
- Many services to satisfy every kind of demand
- Boat rentals for the isles of La Maddalena and Corsica

Special prices and offers

Visit our "Promotions" section to make cheaper your boat tour in the isles of La Maddalena: buy our coupon and use the Elena Tour Card.
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Enjoy La Maddalena and the other isles by boat also in the month of May and October. With us You can!