Help us preserve the wonderful archipelago of La Maddalena

Every Summer Elena Tour Navigazioni will be proud to contribute to the protection of the wonderful La Maddalena archipelago and its isles.
We are an environmentally friendly company. We make the environment a top priority and we do what we can to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Our goal is to preserve this unique ecosystem and therefore we have reduced plastic on board to the minimum. The hated plastic bottles and straws are no longer on board and we only use compostable plates, cutlery and bottles.
To protect the marine species of our “Blue Gold”, soaps and detergents are also ecological and environmentally sustainable (ECOLABEL surfactants, completely biodegradable and produced using raw materials of plant origin from renewable sources).
Our boats have rinsing stations for feet, toys and strollers to safeguard the sand of the isles. On board there are paper and verbal notices to raise awareness of respect for the environment.

elena tour navigazioni is plastic free
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compostable tableware on board
ELENA TOUR NAVIGAZIONI SRL was Beneficiary of the Aid supported by the European Union under the POR Sardinia FSE 2014/2020
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